5th Grade Celebration

The 5th grade celebration is a party that takes place on the day before school ends in May. This is a wonderful culminating event for our children, and we need your support to help make it successful. The celebration will take place on Wednesday, May 25, 2022. Although this date is far away, planning has already begun. Our students have voted on the theme for the celebration, which will be HAUNTED HOUSE! A few of the many things that will be done for our children are:

  • Celebration breakfast and lunch for our graduating class

  • Family graduation photo

  • Graduation Ceremony

  • Off-Campus Celebration that includes a DJ, photobooth, games, etc.

  • Goody Bags

  • And more, depending on how much money we raise ☺

We are asking for monetary donations towards our fundraising goal. Our budget for this event is in the $3,200 range, and instead of conducting numerous fundraisers throughout the year, we would like to begin by asking families to donate money now, so that we can determine how many fundraisers we will need to do to raise the remainder of the funds needed. Donations are not mandatory, but we hope that you consider giving something if you can. There are 88 5th graders, so to put it in perspective…

If 88 students gave $30 each, we would raise $2,640.

If 88 students gave $40 each, we would raise $3,520.

As the event approaches, we will also be seeking donations of food, drinks, supplies, and entertainment from various businesses to help with expenses.

Are you a business that can help? Consider a business sponsorship. Your business donation will receive advertising in the PTA newsletter and with school wide monthly letter distributions. We will also advertise for you in our celebration program. These sponsorships go a long way in helping to host a wonderful celebration for the 5th grade students.

If you would like to make a donation, please visit the website below:


If you prefer to write a check instead of paying electronically, please send in a check made payable to:

Curtis Fundamental PTA. Please indicate that it is for the 5th grade celebration.

Please submit your contribution by Friday, October 1st.

If you have any questions, please contact Melani Zagaris Wadland at 5th@curtispta.org

Thank you for your support.

** Online payments for donations/sponsorships will be charged a processing fee. Please note: If you pay by echeck the fee is only .45 cents. Payments by credit card are % based.