PTA Board & Committee Members


Nilda Callaghan


Kelly Cooper

VP 1

Megan Supernovich

VP 2

Cynthia Weclew


Erika Grace

Ways and Means

Anne-Maire Nurnberger

Recording Secretary

Jessa Keane

Corresponding Secretary

Join the Pack and Get Involved!

We are seeking anyone that is interested in serving on the Board for the 2021/2022 school year. You can play a vital role in the success of our programs and events at Curtis Fundamental even if you aren’t able to be at school.

The PTA success is only as great as the volunteers that get involved.

Committees & Chairs

Membership / Cary Aungst

PTA/SAC Liaison / Seema Patel

T-Shirts / Ahila Turner

Room Parent Coordinator & Legislative Chair / Heather Conrad

Paw Partners / Laura Hudson

Community Involvement / Dana Munson

Yearbook / Jennnifer Contarino

Book Fair Chair / Margot Pelonero

Technology Chair / Lisa Schneider


Looking to get involved but don't want the commitment of being a baord member? The heading up a committee might be for you!

We have positions of all sizes and level of responsibility. We have positions for working parents, at home jobs or roles for those that have more time on their hands too.

If you are interested in serving on a committee e-mail:

What we do:

Executive Board:

PTA President: Helps to create a caring community of parent volunteers and ensure support to teachers. Listens and pursues solutions to parent and teacher concerns. Confers with the Principal and Executive Board regarding school community wants/needs, plans for the year, and progress toward goals. Oversees the work of other Executive Board members and committee chairs.

VP1: PUBLIC RELATIONS: Organizes and heads a committee to plan and run Great American Teach In (November). Organizes Teacher Appreciation Week (usually May), picks the theme and coordinates with other elected board members to assign them tasks during this week.

VP2: VOLUNTEERING: Actively works to recruit and manage volunteers at the school and PTA events.

VP3: WAYS AND MEANS: There will be 2 members filling this position who are in charge of all fundraising events for Curtis PTA.

Treasurer: Maintains permanent records to track unit funds and financial transactions. Chairs budget committee and prepares annual budget for adoption by the association. Pays all PTA bills as authorized by board or association. Prepares reports for every board and association meeting and an annual financial report.

Recording Secretary: Responsible for keeping accurate records of the proceedings of the association.

Corresponding Secretary: Creates and distributes the monthly newsletter and weekly emails.

Committee Chairs:

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Chair

The role of the DEI chair is to lead the efforts of the Curtis PTA in promoting inclusion throughout the school through initiatives, activities, and events. The chair and committee updates the school monthly on heritage months, requests input from families on their culture and background to present to the school via online messaging, and works with school teachers and staff to promote inclusive activities and curriculum. You will also get to provide insight on PTA sponsored school events to ensure it is accessible and positively promotes all students.

Membership Chair

In charge of recruiting, enlisting and coordinating all PTA memberships. Fills out appropriate paperwork to provide to the PTA Treasurer. Keeps an accurate list of members, including their contact information and emails. Provide membership information to the President, Treasurer, and Secretary via email report. This position is most busy at the start of the school year.

PTA/SAC Liaison

In charge of attending monthly board meetings to share news, ideas and events hosted and coordinated by SAC. Facilitates cooperation between SAC and PTA to meet the needs of the children within our school community. Attends the PTA budget session.

T-Shirt Chair

Works with the president to determine orders and funds received for accurate order processing. Conducts a bi-annual t-shirt sale and is in charge of collecting orders, placing the order with distributors and distributing sales to ordering families. Responsible for seeking approval from the Curtis Principal of all new items. Works with Ways and Means Chair cooperatively to design a shirt for FFN and
assist in this sale.

Room Mom/Clinic Chair

Prepare Room Parent Packets, post approval from school administrators, to distribute at the first Room Parent meeting of the school year (Sept.). Enlist volunteers for Head Room Parent and Room Parents for each classroom that will act as support for their teachers, and be communications lead between teachers and other parents in the classroom. Address questions from Room Parents to assist them in how to support their teacher and classroom in the best way.

Book Fair Chair

Responsible for scheduling, organizing, and promoting the bi-annual book fair with Scholastic Books along with the school's Library Media Specialist (School Librarian). Recruits and manages volunteers to assist at in person book fairs.

Paw Partner Chair

In charge of coordinating the 'paw partner' teacher classroom sponsorships. Ensures each contributing family that donates a certain predetermined amount of monies receives recognition and a class picture at the Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast (spring). Sends thank you letters to donors and email notifications to teachers when their classroom has been sponsored. Maintain accurate spreadsheet and record of all donors and their contact info.

Legislative Chair

Attend at least 3 Pinellas County council meetings per year to represent Curtis PTA and qualify the local unit for insurance discounts. Give a report to the executive board as needed. Stays informed of the legislative platforms that will be presented at the annual state PTA convention and present the information at the board meetings. Attends the PTA convention/yearly workshop if able. Represent Curtis Fundamental PTA at legislative functions hosted by the district, county counsel, and other events as often as possible.

Community Involvement Chair

Works with local restaurants and businesses to set up ‘spirit nights’ to encourage a feeling of community by providing a place for students, parents and teachers to socialize outside of school. Responsibilities include choosing the restaurants/businesses to partner with and scheduling the spirit night events; making signs or picking up signs from restaurants and putting them around campus exterior; promoting the event through the Corresponding Secretary via monthly newsletter and, weekly email and PTA Facebook page. Works with VP3 to promote spirit nights at the PTA table.

Yearbook Chair

Will compile, coordinate, design layout and cover for yearbook. Will collect photos and other pertinent necessary information for the yearbook. In charge of order forms and distribution of yearbooks. Process orders as they come in with an executive board member when necessary (during times when handling money). Will take pictures during school events and inside each classroom.

Technology Chair/Webmaster

Oversees and updates the website via google sites as needed.