Mrs. Meleen

My Favorite Things – Mrs. Meleen

  • Color: Turquoise

  • Restaurant: Carabbas

  • Candy: Dove dark chocolate

  • Food: Reduced fat cheezeits

  • Drink: Diet Dr. Pepper, Unsweet black tea

  • Place to shop: Publix

  • Giftcards: Starbucks, Publix, wholefoods

  • Flowers: Love them all.

  • Classroom supplies I can never have enough of: pencils and sharpie fine points

Things I can live without!

  • Food: n/a

  • Candy n/a

  • Smells: n/a

  • Drinks: n/a

  • Places to shop: n/a

  • My hobbies are: Yoga, hiking and essential oils (Doterra or Young Living)

  • Birthday: April 6