Ms. Hogg

My Favorite Things – Ms. Hogg

  • Color: Navy blue, purple

  • Restaurant: N/A

  • Candy: N/A

  • Food: N/A

  • Drink: Publix sweet tea

  • Place to shop: Home depot, book store, thrift stores, craft stores

  • Giftcards: see above

  • Flowers: Nature buff. I like them all!

  • Classroom supplies I can never have enough of: N/A

Things I can live without!

  • Food: Spicy food

  • Candy: N/A

  • Smells: Vanilla

  • Drinks: Coffee/Alcohol

  • Places to shop: N/A

  • My hobbies are: arts/crafts, hiking, movies, home projects, gardening, stae parks, reading, refinishing furniture

  • Birthday: June 12