Mrs. Wintermeier

My Favorite Things – Mrs. Wintermeier

  • Color: Purple or Black

  • Restaurant: Old Bay

  • Candy: Dark chocolate or Jelly Beans

  • Food: Marys crackers

  • Drink: Coffee

  • Place to shop: TJ Maxx

  • Giftcards: TJ Maxx

  • Flowers: Daisy or sunflowers

  • Classroom supplies I can never have enough of: Sunscreen

Things I can live without!

  • Food: Donuts

  • Candy: Sour candy

  • Smells: Strong or Sweet

  • Drinks: Soda, sweet drinks

  • Places to shop: DD

  • My hobbies are: biking, running, family time, yoga

  • Birthday: December 25