Mrs. Arose

Mrs. Arose’s Teacher Questionnaire My Favorite Things:

  • Color: Purple & Black

  • Restaurant: Cheesecake Factory, Jason’s Deli, Chili’s, Chicken Salad Chick

  • Candy: Dark Chocolate anything

  • Food: Mexican, Italian, Chicken

  • Drink: Unsweet Iced Tea, Diet Coke

  • Place to Shop: JCP, Macy’s Gift Card: Amazon (because you can get any school supply, printer ink or books), Walmart

  • Flowers: All

  • Classroom Supplies I can never have enough of: Black and color ink for OfficeJet Pro 6978

Things I can live without:

  • Candy: Anything gummy

  • Food: Seafood

  • Smells: Musk

  • Drink: Coffee

  • Place to Shop: Starbucks

  • My Hobbies: reading, jewelry making, walking, traveling

  • Birthday: August 4th