My Favorite Things – Mrs. Wolf

  • Color: Blue

  • Restaurant: Columbia

  • Candy: Reese's

  • Food: Nutella

  • Drink: Iced Caramel Frappucino

  • Place to shop: Target, Amazon

  • Giftcards: Target, Amazon

  • Flowers: Daisies

  • Classroom supplies I can never have enough of: Pre-sharpened pencils

Things I can live without!

  • Food: Honey, spicy stuff

  • Candy: Non-chocolate candy

  • Smells: I have a horrible sense of smell and am allergic to most fragrances

  • Drinks: Tea

  • Places to shop: Walmart

  • My hobbies are: Anything adventurous! I love new experiences!

  • Birthday: March 10