Mrs. Adams

My Favorite Things:

  • Color: Any shade of blue

  • Restaurant: I love anything I don’t have to cook!

  • Candy: Anything that has chocolate in it

  • Food: any fruits & veggies, trail mix, nuts

  • Drink: I drink mostly water but enjoy tea, hot or cold, and an occasional Red Bull or 5 hour energy

  • Place to Shop: Target, Wal-Mart, Publix, Marshalls, Office Depot, Home Depot

  • Gift Card: Anything is appreciated

  • Flowers: I like plants that I can love forever (I prefer potted and not cut flowers)

  • Classroom Supplies I can never have enough of: Sticky Notes, copy paper, tissues

Things I can live without:

  • Candy: n/a

  • Food: n/a

  • Smells n/a

  • Drink: coffee n/a

  • Place to Shop: n/a

My Hobbies are: Exercising, gardening, boating, attending swim meets (my daughters are swimmers)

Birthday: June 2nd