Mrs. Johnson

Mrs. Johnson’s Favorite Things:

  • Color- beach blue tones

  • Restaurant- we usually don't leave downtown Dunedin-any restaurant downtown

  • Food-I love salads

  • Snacks- hummus and veggies, popcorn

  • Candy-gum- I love "vibes" blue or green- everyone should try it- you will thank me!

  • Scents- I love fresh scents and woody type smells

  • Drinks-coffee (with cream and sugar), water, ginger ale

  • Places to shop- I'm a Ross, Marshall's,TJMaxx girl

  • Flowers- I like something I can plant rather than cut flowers

  • Hobbies- Pilates, paddle boarding

  • Classroom supplies- I love to have dry erase markers and flip chart markers but I only needs those when I have students in the room

  • Birthday-12-6