Mrs. Nordhook

Teacher Questionnaire

My Favorite Things:

  • Color: Orange, Purple, Black (I sound like a witch )

  • Restaurant: Longhorn

  • Candy: Reese's Peanut Butter Cups

  • Food: Trail mix, Pretzels, peanut butter

  • Drink: Water, Dunkin Donuts Coffee

  • Place to Shop: Bealls, Aldi, Target

  • Gift Card: Target, Walmart, anywhere

  • Flowers: Yellow Roses or tulips

  • Classroom Supplies I can never have enough of: hand sanitizer

Things I can live without:

  • Candy: all of it

  • Food: same as above

  • Smells: Vanilla (šŸ¤¢)

  • Drink: Almost all the Soda

  • Place to Shop: Not picky

My Hobbies are: Reading, Pickleball, biking, etc.

Birthday: March 4