Dr. Cairns

My Favorite Things:

  • Color: Aquamarine, Purple

  • Restaurant: Frenchy’s, First Watch, Outback

  • Candy: none for me please

  • Food: anything that’s a little different

  • Drink: anything from Starbucks or Dunkin

  • Place to Shop: Macy’s, Bath & Body Works

  • Gift Card: all gift cards are greatly appreciated

  • Flowers: all flowers and plants, and plants don’t die 😊

  • Classroom Supplies I can never have enough of: erasers (pencil tops or regular erasers. I will be attempting to purchase a few class sets of books (novels)

Things I can live without:

  • Candy: okay…so sometimes I can’t think straight unless I have a piece of good chocolate

  • Food: n/a

  • Smells: anything flowery, sage, lilac

  • Drink: n/a

  • Place to Shop: n/a

My Hobbies are: reading & the beach

Birthday: January 18