Diversity Equity & Inclusion Committee

We're looking for volunteers to help with the DEI committee! If interested, please email Nilda Callaghan at president@curtispta.org

Mission Statement:

To represent parents, caregivers, educators, and communities of all children by creating a safe, positive, fair and uplifting environment that showcases their personal family stories, culture, and history while promoting their value.

Jewish American Heritage Month - Google Docs.pdf


March is Women's History Month! We are re-sharing an excellent presentation voiced by 4th grader Emma Livingston - https://app.nearpod.com/presentation?pin=E1595D4C2891EF550A0146251C84F931-1

Black History.pdf
Holidays - Google Docs.pdf
Native American Heritage Month (2).pdf
Italian American Heritage Month - October.pdf
Hispanic Heritage 2021.pdf